Full Name
Thomas Broussard
Job Title
Director of Supply Chain Services/Materials and Diversity
El Paso Electric Company
Speaker Bio
Thomas Broussard is a native Houstonian. He was born here, played sports and attended college locally as well including obtaining his MBA from Texas Southern University with a focus on Energy. Thomas is the leader, head of supply chain services and materials management organization for El Paso Electric. Thomas has spent majority of his 20-year supply chain career supporting upstream, midstream and downstream private and public Oil and Gas companies such as Marathon Petroleum, Statoil, Halliburton and Weatherford International. In 2021 he decided that he wanted to contribute to the changing landscape of our energy infrastructure as the industry would seek out alternatives energy sources and work to modernize the grid. He was tapped to lead a SCM organization in the Utility sector for El Paso Electric. He is playing a big part in his company’s “Energy Transformation” by building a more robust and resilient supply chain organization. Thomas and his team are constructing a new purchasing policy that modernizes purchasing and will position the company to be more responsive and strategic while improving their supplier alliances. They are also revamping their contracting strategy and placing more focus on ESG and identifying more diverse suppliers to do business with. Additionally, Thomas is leading a new ERP project, rationalization of the supply base and a new operational inventory planning process. Thomas loves working out, biking, running, drinking scotch with his boys and spend times with family. Thomas believes leadership is a true calling and you must be genuine and put people wellbeing before your own ambitions. His passion for his employees can be seen through there consistent high output which he attributes to his servant leadership approach and motivational messages to his employees to strive to continue to improve and become a better version of themselves.
Thomas Broussard