Roundtable Discussions
Date & Time
Wednesday, December 6, 2023, 3:20 PM - 4:20 PM

RTD 1)  Next Gen Supply Chain Collaboration and Visibility
              Collaborative data sharing facilitates better coordination between suppliers and operators, enabling just-in-time inventory
              management and reducing lead times.

RTD 2)  Next Gen Supply Chain Innovation 
               Insights, strategies and frameworks for supply chain planning and innovation
               Leader: Luke van der Waals, Global Demand to Deliver Value Stream Owner, SLB

RTD 3)  Next Gen Remapping of the Supply Chain to enhance legal compliance efforts
Leader: Joe Gallagher, Contracts & Procurement Director, Apache Corporation  

RTD 4)  Next Gen Digital Transformation
Integrating technology at a strategic level to enhance capabilities 

RTD 5)  Next Gen Operational Resilience – Cyber Security
Leader: Al Lindseth, Principal, CI50 Advisory Services LLC

RTD 6)  Driving waste out of transportation through digitization

RTD 7)  Round Table reserved for event partner

RTD 8)  Round Table reserved for event partner