Supply chain behavior simulation
Date & Time
Monday, November 8, 2021, 1:30 PM
SK Roy

Most supply chains suffer from parochial behaviors, especially if they cut across separate enterprises. Every link in the supply chain works towards maximizing its own individual goals rather than maximizing the overall supply chain value. 

Utilizing Graynomics, a niche business gamification platform focusing on simulating and shaping the most value-eroding human behaviors, attendees will work towards achieving better alignment of organizational culture and values.  Consisting of a typical manufacturing-distribution supply chain starting with a raw material supplier and then Production, Warehouse, Retailer, Consumer, Logistics and the SCM Planning office, the simulation will operate three distinct categories of performance : Financial, Operational and Behavioral and the linkages between them across the supply chain. 

Participants will play grouped together in teams, with scoring of the game focused on Financial, Operational and Behavioral Leadership.