Chemistry and Supply Chains: Incentivizing Resilience, Strengthening Competitiveness
Date & Time
Tuesday, November 9, 2021, 9:00 AM
Ed Brzytwa

Positioned early in the supply chain, the U.S. business of chemistry is recognized as a valuable solutions provider, supplying versatile, high-performing products that touch 96 percent of all manufactured goods. Demand for chemistry is poised to grow substantially in the coming decades given its essential contributions to products that improve energy efficiency, enhance sustainability, protect the public during pandemics, and mitigate climate change.


In this talk, American Chemistry Council (ACC) Director of International Trade, Ed Brzytwa, will detail:

  • How the chemical industry is pivotal to all of the supply chains and industrial bases listed as Administration priorities in President Biden’s Supply Chain Executive Order;
  • Which policies can negatively impact the business of chemistry and both upstream and downstream actors in the supply chain?.
  • Which policies can maximize industry’s competitiveness, including: making investments in supply chain-related infrastructure; formulating a predictable, rules-based trade policy; reforming permitting processes; ensuring access to energy and intermediate inputs; strengthening worker skills; maintaining a predictable regulatory system; and providing incentives for companies to create innovative products and build new plants in the United States?