10th Annual 

Energy Supply Chain & Procurement Summit

December 4-5, 2024 | C. Baldwin Hotel | Houston, TX


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The 10th Annual Energy Supply Chain and Procurement Summit will help attendees to address the following key questions - 


  • Where is the energy sector finding the key concentration of risks in the supply chain?
  • How can ROI be measured and quantified to ensure supply chain resilience?
  • Is quality an indicator of risk?
  • How can MRO transformation be leveraged to enhance supply chain resilience and mitigate risks? 
  • How is supply chain resilience being managed whilst developing innovative products and there are limited options with suppliers who are capable of meeting technical requirements?
  • Many of the alternative fuels being suggested lack supply chain infrastructure for viable delivery, What risk is being assumed by leaning into fuels that can’t be reliably obtained consistently?


  • Is it culture or execution that overpowers strategy?
  • What are the critical characteristics the energy sector should look for in future leaders, beyond technical skill?
  • How can value be shown and communicated to the rest of the organization and clients beyond just transactional savings?
  • Within historical bid evaluation, technical, quality, price and lead time are the KPIs, how should bids be evaluated going forward?


  • How are companies leveraging the conflicting priorities in supply chain in product/service costs and cultural priorities like DEI, supplier diversity, and broader ESG goals?
  • Travel sits within Scope 3 requirements, how important is it to offset the emissions associated with travel in a business? 
  • Are emissions being used to compare suppliers and what standard can be used to make a fair comparison?
  • As it costs money for suppliers to implement programs to control and report emissions, which are quite often passed on to buyers, how do they justify higher costs as a trade off to lower Scope 3?
  • Can diverse suppliers compete with decarbonization as part of decision criteria? What are the barriers for them?

In addition, join us in December to:

  • Deep-dive into challenges and develop tangible solutions through our collaborative workshops 
  • Network with leaders across two days in a casual and comfortable environment 
  • Meet other decision-makers, gain insights, and share ideas  
  • Listen to 20+ content sessions sharing project successes and failures to help develop your teams 

Over the past 9 years, thousands of executives have attended the conference, making it a not to be missed fixture on their calendars. The event is the industry's key education and networking gathering, where ideas are generated, and business is done.

While the agenda is designed for energy executives, supply chain, procurement, and logistics practitioners from other industries will benefit from attending, as the event's themes are universal.

For more information, contact: symon.rubens@energyconferencenetwork.com 


John Atasie
John Atasie
Peter Dill
Peter Dill
Senior Purchasing Manager
Lisa Haley
Lisa Haley
VP Supply Chain Strategy
NET Power
Tim Jennings
Tim Jennings
Procurement Manager
Srividhya Vaidyanathan
Srividhya Vaidyanathan
Global Architect and Process Quality Leader - Lubricants Supply Chain
Mark Waddleton
Mark Waddleton
Vice President
First Genesis
Maru Suarez Williams
Maru Suarez Williams
ESG Manager, Global Procurement & Supply Chain


Who Should Attend?

Upstream E&P Operators, Midstream Companies, Petrochemical, Lubricant, Refinery and Processing Plants, Electric, Utilities, Wind and Solar companies in addition to EPC and Oilfield Service Companies with the following job roles:
•    Supply Chain
•    Procurement
•    Strategic Sourcing
•    Category
•    Materials
•    Logistics/Transportation
•    Purchasing
•    Buyer
•    IT
In addition to:
•    Consultancy and Training Firms
•    Drilling Companies
•    IT Software
•    Freight, Transportation and Logistics Providers
•    eBusiness Partners