Tuesday, December 6, 2022
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
James Rosemond
9:05 AM

-    Investigating whether and how supply chain sustainability failures may occur because individual managers inherently lack consistency in making decisions that are mindful of sustainability
-    Demonstrating recurrent ethics education in supply management promoting sustainable sourcing decisions
-    Revealing through longitudinal experiments with hundreds of participants that a sustainable sourcing decision is likely to be followed by another sustainable decision.  

Xenophon Koufteros
9:35 AM

-    Assessing and understanding risks and seizing opportunities across your supply chain 
-    Prioritizing actions for decarbonization 
-    Integrating sustainable and ethical practices into day-to-day activities

Maru Suarez Williams
10:15 AM

-    Discussing the importance of transparent and accurate measuring, tracking, and reporting of ESG practices 
-    Building ESG capabilities into digital transportation plans from the onset 
-    Deploying innovative technologies to further ESG agendas
-    Exploring challenges and pitfalls when choosing suppliers

10:45 AM
11:15 AM

-    Leveraging supplier relationship management to lead on ESG
-    Aligning your environmental management practices with the supplier onboarding processes
-    Developing due diligence questionnaires: what should you be asking? 
-    Supplier diversity: understanding what it is and why it is important

Joe Gallagher Telyn Joseph Sarah Jane Sherman
12:00 PM

-    Leveraging data to make responsible decisions 
-    Understanding the latest technology developments integrated into procurement teams
-    Pursuing ESG while driving efficient, low-cost operations

José Manuel Velarde
12:30 PM
1:30 PM

-    Being proactive by developing procurement risk registers 
-    Reviewing lessons learned from real-life scenarios
-    Addressing current risks and the controls in place

Dr. Dale Tibodeau
2:00 PM

-    Understanding the inflation-disruption cycle
-    Mitigating effects by leveraging contracts 
-    Sharing common challenges and ideas on how to resolve them

Faraz Shahid
2:30 PM

-    Revealing the supply chain vulnerabilities that have been bubbling under the surface
-    Remaining relevant during energy transitions
-    Avoiding spot purchasing or single-tier contracts, Improving supply chain visibility 

Abid Rizavi Charlie Groover
3:15 PM
3:45 PM

-    Mitigating effects of supply chain shortages and escalating prices
-    Developing effective contingency plans
-    Highlighting real-life disruption and step-by-step future-proofing scenarios

Peter Dill John Coyle Gee Lauder Madhivanan (Madhi) T A
4:30 PM
James Rosemond
Wednesday, December 7, 2022
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
James Rosemond
9:05 AM

-    Understanding the value proposition of supplier diversity
-    Casting a supplier diversity vision and success roadmap (from corporate success to community impact)
-    Developing a supplier diversity program in alignment with corporate sustainability goals

Brenda M. Udunna
9:35 AM

-    By establishing benchmarks, you can comply with 
-    Respecting procurement practices and avoiding tokenism
-    Reconciling efforts with overall business strategy

10:20 AM
10:50 AM

-    Integrating smart assets upgrading supply chain and logistics operations 
-    Layering software providing transparent, sustainable, efficient, and verifiable tracking and tracing
-    Getting innovative datasets proving ESG claims 

Erin Murphy
11:20 AM

-    Understanding what reshoring and nearshoring mean and the steps taken to achieve them
-    Unpacking the advantages and downsides of Reshoring and nearshoring
-    Determining if Reshoring and nearshoring are viable solutions to reducing supply chain risks

11:50 AM

-    Discussing how Schlumberger is tackling the talent recruitment and retention challenges
-    Remaining competitive during ongoing digital disruption
-    Catching up with tech companies on critical digital skills

Luke van der Waals
12:20 PM

-    Employing artificial intelligence enabling optimal replenishment/ stocking levels/ service levels. 
-    Improving warehousing operations, end-to-end visibility, and tracking
-    Optimizing vendor-managed inventories 

Scott Theriot
12:35 PM
1:35 PM

-    Reviewing the emerging supply chain planning technologies
-    Using technology effectively to manage supplier risk
-    Improving contract analysis using artificial intelligence and automation 

Mark Waddleton
2:05 PM

-    Avoiding disconnected data from different ledgers transforming transactional transparency 
-    Addressing the immutability of disparate data on multiple decentralized ledgers while ensuring trade moves forward
-    Scaling interoperability while maintaining proprietary privacy concerns
-    Aligning net-zero green initiatives with supply chain operations

Darren Shelton
2:25 PM
2:55 PM

-    Linking technology and supply chain resilience 
-    Emerging technologies that will drive efficiency and automation
-    Future-proofing supply chains by reducing complexities and uncertainties

Leandro Reis Al Lindseth
3:40 PM

-    Aligning sustainability strategic direction with KPIs within supply chains
-    Creating scale with sustainability supply chain efforts
-    Embracing and prioritizing innovation and technology

Emma Krenzke
4:10 PM
James Rosemond
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